LFB 305 is a Tin (96.5%), Silver (3.0%), Copper (0.5%) alloy. It is the most widely recognised out of all the SAC lead-free alloys. It has many approvals, including the JEIDA (Japan Electronic Industry Development Association) recommendation for leadfree soldering. The SAC 305 alloy exhibits superior properties than most lead-free alloys.
It is ideally suited to the wave soldering process. The main features of the alloy are the fast wetting speed coupled with good drainage properties that result in excellent solderability. The alloy is manufactured at BLT using a nitrogen casting techniques; this eliminates any oxide inclusions and ensures an extremely low level of dross generation.
The low pot operating temperature (255-265°C) makes it an ideal drop in replacement when changing from 63/37 solder.

Available in 1 kilo bars packed in 25 kilo boxes, 3.5 kilo feeder bars and 30mm chunks packed in 25 kilo buckets.



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