Solder Mask Cure Check Wipes

BLT Soldermask Check Wipes have been formulated to provide a quick and easy qualitative test to check for under cured soldermask on printed circuit boards and assemblies. The wipes are made from a unique solution and used for initial testing of under cured Solder Resist and Legend/Silk Screen redeposition onto the PCB surface

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BLT is the leading manufacturer and distributor for a comprehensive range of consumable products for cost efficient, high reliability circuit assembly. Established in 1989 and experts in soldering technologies, we have grown rapidly in our home market and across the World supported by our Technical Team.

We specialise in selling a solution to your needs.

WHO Recommended Hand Rub Sanitiser

Hand Rub Sanitiser – 75% Isopropanol Alcohol – Full HSE Derogation Licence BPR Article 55 for Propan-2-ol Hand Sanitisers.

We don’t sell gel of less than 75% alcohol because these are not deemed effective by the WHO.

Available in 10Ltr Containers

Drum taps & 100ml bottles also available if required

BLT Product Range



Nitrogen Cast Solder Bar, Tape, Coatings, Ancillary
Solder Wires
Lead Check Swabs

Printed Circuit Manufacture

Kolon Dry Film Resists

Kolon dry film resists for PCB manufacturing and chemical milling. PK1500 and PK1600 are available in 30, 40 and 50 micron thicknesses.

  • Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Rapid developing with minimal foam generation
  • Strips rapidly producing small filterable particles
  • Competitive pricing
Copper Cleaners and Micro Etch
  • Copperwet 1120 – Pre plate cleaner
  • Copperwet 1130 – Combined degreaser and mild micro etch for prior to HAL
  • Copperwet 1150 – Non foaming, non etching spray cleaner, no attack on Stainless Steel
  • Copperwet 1170 – Micro etch prior to plating
  • Copperwet 1174 – Micro Etch prior to silver
  • Copperwet 1195 – Post graphite microetch
  • Glibrite GB-4300R40 – Surface roughener for optimum adhesion of dry film and photoimagable resists
Copper and Tin Plating
  • CU90H – Acid copper for complex circuits with blind or micro-vias
  • CU400 – High speed, 1:1 surface to hole-wall copper distribution, bright, ductile copper
  • SN800 – Reliable, easy to control Sulphuric Acid based Tin Plating Solution
  • Plating Jigs – Plastic coated copper cored stainless steel jigs manufactured to customer dimensions. Full refurbishment service also available
Resist strippers, Developers and Antifoams
  • Aquastrip 1310 – Low cost Potassium Hydroxide based stripper for high volume circuit production or chemical milling
  • Aquastrip 1320 – Highly effective on overplated boards
  • Aquastrip 1330, 1335 and 1340 – Organic strippers with no effect on Tin Plating. Resist strips in filterable particles for volume production
  • Developer 1648 – Concentrated developer for use in spray equipment, suitable for all aqueous dry films and photoimagable inks
  • Antifoam 200NS – Highly concentrated antifoam for water treatment and stripping solutions
  • Antifoam 700NS – For developer and stripper. Low residue
  • Antifoam 800NS – Latest generation for developer and stripper
Tin Strippers
  • Tin Stripper 1532 and 1535 – Spray, Nitric Acid based products for volume production with minimal attack on copper
  • Tin Stripper 1542 – Immersion stripper with NO copper attack even when fully loaded
HAL Fluxes and Solder
  • 1295EM – Suitable for Tin / Lead and Lead Free Solder
  • 1298SD – Latest generation flux producing bright, level deposits with no solder pick up
  • SN100SB – Lead Free Solder producing bright, solderable deposits. Full customer analysis service is available using Spark Erosion equipment as well as dross collection
Solderable Finishes

IAG 377M Silver – Unique, alkaline immersion silver, producing bright, easily soldered tarnish resistant deposits. 6 month shelf life. Preclean Copperwet 1120, Microetch 1174, Predip PX313, Silver 377M, Antitarnish ANT 39.
Glicoat SMD F2 (2X)
Organic solderable coating for volume production. Produces a uniform, very thin coating by reacting with copper only.

Screen Printing Inks and Ancillary Products

BLT distribute the competitive range of Sun Chemical photoimagable and screen printable inks.

  • Stencil preparation chemicals
  • Direct and Indirect Stencil Films
  • Squeegees
  • Screen washes
Tapes and Filters

Tapes – 9180 Gold Plating Tape, Splashback Tape, Red Litho Tape and CM8R Hot Air Levelling Tape.

Polypropylene, wound filters for general use 10”, 20” and 30” in 0.5 to 100 micron pore sizes.

Plastic Fabrication

BLT manufacture complete, bespoke plating lines, cleaning lines, water treatment plants plus a range of Etch, Developer and pH controllers.


Water Treatment

Water Treatment Chemicals
  • ANF 30 Anionic Flocculant – for use prior to settlement
  • M25 Cationic Flocculant – for use with MP15 metal precipitant
  • MP15 – Highly effective complex breaking chemical to remove copper from waste streams
  • Aro Band Filters and Paper Rolls
  • Filter Paper
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Polypropylene Filter Cartridges
  • Filter Heads and Bags
  • Polypropylene Bags (to fit 178mm filter head)
pH Control and Effluent Treatment
  • Flocculants
  • Tanks
Retec Cells and Copper Recovery
  • Retec Cells
  • Spare Parts
  • Chemical Precipitation
Water De-ionisers and Reverse Osmosis
  • Water De-ionisers
  • Reverse Osmosis

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