42 SS – Nozzle Rejuvenator Flux

BLT 42 SS is an aqueous inorganic flux formulated for tinning solder nozzles on selective soldering machines.
BLT 42 SS contains Zinc Chloride and Hydrochloric Acid ensuring high activity at ambient temperature to effectively remove oxide coating from metal surfaces.

Use BLT 42 SS as supplied. The product should be applied to the solder nozzle using a brush when required.
Cleaning and Tinning is normally required when the solder no longer flows uniformly down the sides of the solder nozzle.
Ensure that the solder flow is turned off before commencing cleaning.

Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.45-1.50 @ 20°C
PH: <1
Flash Point: Non Flammable

Handling precautions:
BLT 42 SS is a corrosive product and should be handled with care.
Refer to separate Material Safety Data Sheet.